Italo House music exploded in the early 90's hot off the heels of the Italo Disco scene in the wild '80's  - Georgio Moroder was the Godfather of this movement and the undisputed King of the Era - we have taken him, his lust for celebration of the good things in life and his music as our inspiration  - Italo House reflects the fun and appetite for the good times of that era when the Italian DJ's and nightclubs of the Riveria influenced the world.

Italo House in its incredible Bondi Beach location, presents eating and drinking to celebrate life, friendship, and the good times that we live in, casual or dress up sexy is the code - dj's spin a musical journey till late. This is a venue that reflects the European summer vibes of fun and celebration in seaside holiday destinations, leave your judgement at home, come to have fun and enjoy the amazing menu of food, wine and cocktails in a unique dining experience.

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113-115 Hall St
Bondi Beach, AU
NSW 2026

Opening Times
Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 5pm - 10pm
Wednesday : 5pm - 10pm
Thursday : 5pm - 10pm
Friday : 5pm - 11pm
Saturday : 12pm – midnight
Sunday : 12pm - 10pm


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